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Payroll123 is the most advanced and reliable Payroll application, specially configured for Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean Region.

Leaders in LATAM and The Caribbean in Software of Human Resources and Payroll

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What is PAYROLL123 ?

PAYROLL123 is a cloud-based technology solution, developed to manage your company's Payroll processes in an automated way. Its payment engine is solid, flexible and easy to operate, guaranteeing the fulfillment of the commitment of the organization with its collaborators and external suppliers.

Adapted to the continuous improvement of the processes, its Multilayer functionality allows you to update in minutes, the changes arising in the national and international legislatures, the benefits, and internal regulations of your organization.

Payroll123 has continually demonstrated its high level of scalability and reliability, producing excellent results and increasing organizational efficiency, thanks to its secured payment system.

Supported by AWS Cloud Platform, we provide you with a private platform, 100% Fault-Tolerant, secure, and at your reach 24/7, which has been successfully used by hundreds of thousands of customers globally, including huge corporations such as SAP, allowing your organization to save high costs in the acquisition, operation, and maintenance of physical infrastructure.

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to improve your services
Efficient Multilayer System: scalable scope for companies with offices in different countries, currencies, payroll types and languages.
Accurate Payment Engine: automated calculations of pay concepts such as salary in lieu of vacation, overtime and maternity leave as well as deductions such as loans, overpayments, N.I.S. rates, Health Surcharge and PAYE.
Go Green Policy: employees can receive payslips via email or through the employee portal so that it can be printed in hard copy only when needed.
Management Reports: generate reports for strategic management decisions, audits and internal statistics, at the touch of your fingertips.
Government Compliance: legal forms can be stored and populated according to legal policies and regulations such as NI 184 and TD4 forms.

Integration of Systems: complete integration with applications such as SAP Employee Central SuccessFactors, Microsoft 365 , Automatic Clearing House (ACH) and Biometric devices.


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